Consider Mobile Learning for the Future.

We have the device right there in our hands, the iPhone or similar electronic phone. With the capability of logging onto the internet almost any student will be able to download information with having to go to the school library.

The personal touch of a motivating teacher will now be with a canned online lecture or a daily project to look up and write a response. In Biology you get a self learning chart with step by step reading assignments and then Unit tests online. If you fail, then you go back and repeat your mistakes by correcting them.

Perhaps 3-D visualization will become an invention of the future which will help students learn at home.

The teacher of the 21st Century has to adapt to change of teaching format, Time schedule, online teaching and controlling students properly so s not to burn them out.

Learning is what students allow to enter their brain. Their preconceived notions mislead students as to what to study most. Questionnairs for a community needs study can b complicated.

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