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American HistoryDr. Mead11Aug.2020


This is a lesson plan that emphasizes the online tools for a teacher to use to produce a positive involving  experience for the student. Online teaching is the flipped classroom style where the teacher has the student provide all the facts with reports. Try using partner teams of two students working on a one-page report. Keep reports concise to prevent run on sentences.

OBJECTIVES1-ice breaker activity to introduce students to one another on Zoom.Pick an animal you most identify or admire and share it with the class. Afterward have the class try to list all the animal names
REAL FACTS OF AMERICAN HISTORY1-Topic-George Washington and the Battle of Brooklyn Aug. 17761-   Research the Battle of Brooklyn.Draw a map of Brooklyn with the British and American lines.3-   What major mistake did Washington make before the British landed?
STUDENT PROJECTS1-Long term Project. Signing the Declaration of Independence was a death sentence. List all of the signers of the Declaration including John Hancock and tell how they died. Indicate who were killed by the British1-Names of all the signers of the Declaration of Independence. See link….www.michaelwsmith.com2. List name, Colony, reason for death, date of death.3. How many were killed by the British?
QUICK ASSIGNMENT ONE MINUTE1-What was George Washington’s white horse’s color and name?2-What river did Washington escape the British after losing Brooklyn?3-Name three Generals or Commanders that worked under Washington at Brooklyn in 1776?1-Concept Project. What would have happened if Washington’s troops were captured at the Battle of Brooklyn?2-How many close calls did Washington have to being captured in Brooklyn, Manhattan, White Plains, Harlem Heights, and New Jersey?  
END OF CLASS GAME1-Why didn’t the British follow Washington into the Penn. Wilderness in the winter?2-What did Admiral Howe do to chase Washington and cause havoc in the colonies after Washington escaped to Penn.?Rules on Long Term projects.Use Excel or Table function in Word.Place the titles in the top row.Reason for sacrifice, date of death
Requirement 1Requirement 2Requirement 3Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Add your notes here.

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