Health Education for Junior High and High School in America 2021.

Health Education 2021

by Dr. Pelham Mead III

I was fortunate in 1980 and 1985 to be paid by East Ramapo Central School district to rewrite the Health Education district wide curriculum in Junior high and Senior high.In the early 1980’s to the early 1990, AIDS was the major factor constantly changing in the Health Curriculum. Ebola came later . When science caught up with the cause of the HIV AIds virus and a cocktail of drugs kept the virus under control, interest went down hill.This is my HEALTH Education Curriculum recommendations for now 2021 and the next ten years.

1- Pandemic, causes, cures and safety.

2-Future Viruses and how we will deal with them.

3- Global Health Issues, especially China and Africa

.4- Alcohol abuse

5-The drug abuses of the 2021 era, Meth, marijuana, cocaine, Heroine, crack.

6-Legalization of Marijuana in many States.

7- Sex among teenagers, diseases, treatment, cures, new trends.

8-Sex among College students, new trends, diseases, RAPE, rape drugs.

9-Smoking, new electronic smoking dangers, 2x American cigarettes and caffeine effects on the body.

10-Cancer the good old killer.


12-Heart disease.

\13-Lung DIseases

14-Medical insurance in the USA and the World.

15-Health trends in the 2021 era.

16- Dealing with death, loss of a love one.

17-Depression and treatment in the 2021 era

.18-Bi-Polar disease, paranoia and other Mental diseases and treatments.

Any Items you would like to add? Please comment.

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